Brink Design Studio helps clients achieve brand recognition and increased sales by creating enticing product packaging and visual identity while developing a targeted brand voice. While we have much experience in working with the food and beverage industry, we work with any client who has a product or service needing a brand identity and message. Our specialty is packaging design, logo creation and branded strategic content development, but we also work on all types of brand support and marketing materials such as point-of-sale signage, brochures, print and digital ads, and direct mail. We like to consider ourselves a creative partner in a brand’s story.

Brink Design Studio's mission is to help clients exceed their ultimate business goals and potential by enhancing the visual impact of their brand. But we also want them to have fun doing it. This is creativity, after all. It's the fun part! We want our clients to enjoy the process of working and collaborating with us. We want to discover what makes our clients' companies tick. We want to learn what our clients are most excited about in their brands and provide solutions to help them soar. 


Jennifer Dyer

Owner/Creative Director

After 20 years of working for both in-house creative teams and in a large marketing and design agency, Jennifer branched out on her own to create Brink Design Studio. Throughout her agency career, she has worked on multiple world-class brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Jaguar and The North Face. Her experience in working with these companies allowed her to see how truly essential brand integrity and messaging strategy is at every level of marketing. She has brought these insights to Brink Design Studio and employs them into our business. 


The Meaning of Brink

Design is always changing. While every completed project marks the success of what we set out to achieve together, the true beauty is in knowing that even this point isn't the end. There will always be new and bigger goals to accomplish. Here, we sit together on the brink – the space that represents possibility, change and the momentous future of your brand and business. Together, we will define and redefine your creative threshold. And we'll do it again and again. On the brink of something great is an exciting place to be!