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La Ishá Natural Skin Care

Packaging design | Print Collateral | CREATIVE DIRECTion

La Ishá Natural Skin Care is an all-natural line of anti-aging skin care and aromatherapy products that provides safe, yet effective skincare solutions. La Ishá came to us after being in business a number of years and wanted to change their original branding, starting with their website. They wanted to expand from the more home-grown, handmade look of their original site and packaging to the higher-end look of luxury and elegance that is present in the competitive world of skin care.

Our solution was to create more airy, elegant look for both the product boxes and labels. A green, curved border that wrapped around to the side panel was used as the common thread in the designs. It depicted the brand’s femininity and environmentally friendly ingredients. Gold foil stamping was used to add an extra touch of elegance and is reminiscent of the gold accents of the caps/pumps of the product containers. Creative direction was given on La Ishá's Shopify site to develop home page imagery that exuded luxury and created a consistent look with other branding. We also lent a hand in the art direction and set up of some Instagram shots for the social media platforms of the company. Armed with an iPhone as the camera and the creative insight to create a magazine look for the photos, we came up with some beautiful shots that told the story of the owner's social media posts.

Cost-effective displays were designed for a select few shops that carry La Ishá's product. The low quantities that were needed called for creative thinking on how to print and deliver on budget. Over the years, we've developed brochures, ads and other print materials to continually reflect the spirit of this growing brand.