Elevation Organic Ketchup & Bloody Mary Mix


Elevation Organic Ketchup, a local product born and created in Denver, Colorado, needed a complete brand identity campaign including logo, package design and print/promotional materials that would speak to the spirit of the brand and its consumers. We developed a logo that visually alluded to Denver’s mountain region and 5,280 ft. elevation. In the original design during the company's launch, kraft-colored paper labels were printed to denote the hand-made nature of this unique ketchup. As time went on and production and efficiency needed to increase, we moved the main product line to one color silkscreen printed directly onto the glass bottles which saved time with labeling. Eventually, squeeze bottles were created for restaurant use as well as mini bottles. A secondary logo was developed for apparel use and embroidered onto patches giving the original ketchup branding a cooler, more hip feel for use on beanies, hats and backpacks. We provide all creative direction for the Elevation Organic Ketchup and Bloody Mary Mix brand and create all of the printed sales sheets, signage, retractable banners, etc. that are needed in promoting the company.